Lighthouse Park Information

Lush Vancouver Rainforest

This 75 hectare (185 acre) lush virgin rainforest is located on the coastline of the Burrard Inlet in West Vancouver, BC Canada. It marks the point where the Burrard Inlet meets Howe Sound. Lighthouse Park receives more than 50 inches (1,300mm) of rain annually. The park is full of hiking trails that lead you deep into the forest canopy or down to the beautiful coastline boasting breathtaking views from various rocky bluffs.

First Growth Douglas Fir

In Lighthouse Park you will find West Vancouver’s last standing first-growth Douglas Fir trees along with some Western Hemlock and Western Redcedar. Most of the surrounding area has been logged but the park grounds were set aside in 1881 as the Lighthouse reserve. Some of these first-growth trees have grown to 200 feet (61 meters) and are approximately 500 years old.

Lighthouse Park is open year-round, park gates close before dusk and there is no camping permitted.

Safety Hazards in Lighthouse Park

The park is full of dangerous terrain such as cliffs, steep drop-offs, slippery and muddy pathways and loose rock beds. Use extreme caution during your hike, stay on trails and ensure you keep a close eye on children and dogs off of leashes.